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Didn’t follow our advice about cashing in a sick day? Stuck trying to look busy til 5? Say screw it and meet up with our heady crew for an early start [...]

Goin’ Coastal IPA with  Pineapple Slide into summer and step off the grid with Goin’ Coastal IPA laced with pineapple. The bright aromas of the five c [...]

Less than 72 hours until the 12th Annual SweetWater 420 Fest blasts off into the funkosphere with headliners like Ludacris, Cypress Hill, Disco Biscui [...]

SweetWater 420 Fest is always a heady time, but you can maximize your fun April 22-24 by making sure you’re schwagged out properly. Starter Pack Inclu [...]

Did you know all the water used to brew our beer comes from the Chattahoochee River? It’s a big part of why we’re so serious about protecting it. Well [...]

If you haven’t been to Philips Arena in a minute, check out some of the headiness we’re bringin to Hawks games these days. We teamed up with the Hawks [...]

This Sunday, March 20, we’re teaming up with Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q for an afternoon of brews and BBQ to benefit Cynthia Montoya, a  long-time Fox Bros. em [...]

Hot ‘n fresh pics from our 19th Anniversary Party on deck! The Bright Light Social Hour absolutely killed it – can’t wait to see them again at 420 Fes [...]

A few scores and 19 years ago to the day, two heady dudes set out to brew the best beer they could while having the best time they could. Thing or two [...]

They say Spring is a time for new beginnings. No idea who “they” are, but they’re right about the new part. Get ready to get low with HASH SESSION IPA [...]