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Our tours and tastings are pretty loose and social, so grab a few friends and join us at the brewery. You can take the tour and try our brews without spending a dime, but for $10 you get a shiny souvenir pint glass to take home. Things get busy pretty quickly, so try to get out to the brewery early rather than later. We can only have so many friends rubbin’ elbows at once and we hate turning people away. Carpooling, cabbing, Ubering and Lyfting are all encouraged as parking is small and our brews are not.

You can sample our brews anytime during the two hour tour period, but we’ll only run 3-5 tours so keep an eye out for staff holding a “Brewery Tour is Starting” sign if you wanna see the sights. Make sure you’re topped off before hoppin’ on the tour train too – each tour is 20 minutes and there’s no goin’ back for a refill midway.

We have a brand new VIP program for you and 15-35 of your closest buds that’ll get you hooked up with a private area, speedy checkin and catering from a local BBQ joint. Click here¬†for info on the VIP program or shoot carrington@sweetwaterbrew.com an email for details on that.

Lastly, make sure you bring your ID whether you’re 21 or 91. Doesn’t matter if you’re the DD, not drinking or former Braves first baseman Andres Galarraga – if you don’t have a parent or an ID, you aren’t gettin’ in.


Questions you’re probably gonna ask:

Do you accept credit cards?

We take Visa, MasterCard and AmEx but make sure to bring your dolla bills to tip our friendly and attractive tour staff.

What’s the food situation?

We aren’t one of them newfangled brewpubs so we can’t sell food on site, but food options are available through our VIP program (contact carrington@sweetwaterbrew.com for the full 411).

Can I bring my pooch?

Furry friends are allowed on the patio only, which means if it’s raining you better leave Fido at home.

Can I trade you two tickets for a full beer?

No sir you cannot. It’s not our rule either so don’t try to pull out your lawyer skills on us.

Is there free parking?

We have free lots at the brewery and just down the road but they fill up quick. If you aren’t a fan of exercise, best bet is to show up near or before the start of tour hours. Carpooling or cabbing are your best bet.

I still have questions even though I carefully read everything on the website.

Email us at info@sweetwaterbrew.com or give us a shout at (404) 691-2537 and we’ll help ya out.

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