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About Freshness

FreshnessOur beer is unpasteurized and best within 90 days. That is why we only sell SweetWater in a few lucky cities throughout the southeast. Fresh is best, and tastiest so look on our kegs, cases, and bottles and check the date - that date you see is 90 days from when it was kegged or bottled. SweetWater doesn't spoil like milk, but after 90 days, it won't have that incredibly fresh vibrant taste we were intending for you. So make sure you check it twice and let folks know if it is past its prime - let us know too!

We have a girl whose full time job is cruising the southeast checking in on our little guys to make sure you have the best SweetWater possible. She is also known as the Hop Cop! Let the Hop Cop know what you found, what the date was and where you found it so we get it taken care of. We are only as good as our last beer, and we really appreciate the extra set of eyes and taste buds out there! She can be found at the brewery 404-691-2537 or at

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