CAN You Dig it?

It might’ve taken us 17 years to get around to it, but we’re finally putting cans in your hands. We’re slingin 12-packs of 420, IPA and Take Two Pils in 12 oz. cans, plus 420 and IPA in 16 oz big boys.

Can QA

Might seem like a no brainer, but the quality of your brew doesn’t matter a whole lot if the packaging holding it sucks. Breakin into the can game meant a whole bunch of new challenges for the fellas in our lab, and many a can was sacrificed to the gods of quality.

Oxygen is one of the biggest enemies of tasty beer, so making sure you have a tight seal is key.

As you can see in the photos below, we had to bust out some pretty fancy technology to take a peek at how our cans were going together. Our cans lids aren’t crimped on willy nilly – they’re actually rolled over 4 times to make sure absolutely no air can get through.

IMG_7826 (Medium)IMG_7823 (Medium)