Conditioned for Your Pleasure

When we started canning back in March 2014, we also started can conditioning our 420 and IPA. We always wanna make sure you have the freshest beer possible in your hand, and this is a big step for us in maintaining the quality of our brews.

You can check out the nitty gritty of how it works below, but basically conditioning is a natural way to carbonate beer and create a more stable brew that stays tastier longer.

Since it worked pretty well in the cans, we went full tilt and started conditioning more of our brews in the bottle, starting with 420. Today all of our year-round brews except Blue are bottle and/or can conditioned.

One thing you might wanna know about – if you see some floaty stuff in the bottom of your bottles, don’t worry. It’s just leftover yeast from the conditioning process and won’t hurt ya or change the brew’s flavor.