Cork & Cage Series

Cork & Cage Series

Our Cork & Cage series features limited-release barrel-aged or wild brews. Released year round but in small numbers, grab em if you see em.


PitPendulum-Bottle-Pint-resizeThe Pit & The Pendulum

The perfect balance of three distinct divergences. Allowed to initially flower with Belgian ale yeast, The Pit & The Pendulum was then incarcerated with Brett and freshly pureed peaches to intensify the trifecta of its persona.

Enjoy fresh, but also a good one for the cellar, as the Brett continues to contemplate its environment.







Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

A supremely rich full-bodied imperial stout laced with subtle notes of chocolate and bourbon from aging over six months in bourbon barrels. Multiple influences upon this robust stout will allow your palate to explore the depths and layers of this very limited release.