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We’ve got a wide menu from Executive Chef Nick Anderson, featuring a veritable cornucopia of dishes ranging from 420 boiled peanuts to fried fish sandwiches to spent grain salads to beer ice cream milkshakes. Peep the latest at sweetwaterbrew.com/menu
Tours are available for $8 and include 15oz of beer samples along the way. Already seen it? Sidle up to the bar or grab a table – no tour necessary.
 The flakes or sediment you’re seeing in the beer are a result of polyphenols binding to proteins in the beer. Both polyphenols and proteins are naturally occurring in brewing ingredients and are present in ALL beer. The visible presence of the polyphenol-protein precipitation happens with heightened levels when the colloidal haze begins to breakdown over time. This is totally safe!

What then are polyphenols you ask?

Well, polyphenols are a micronutrient that assists in preventing degenerative diseases and can be found in any plant-based food or ingredient such as malt and hops. The irony in the concern that these flakes may be dangerous at all, and the fact they could just be preventing cell mutation in our bodies that are brimming with that delicious antidote, is as thick as the beer you bought is flavorful.

Speaking of how flavorful that beer is…

The reason you may find these flavor flakes in our beer vs. say a Bud Light, is that our beer is chock full of those plant based ingredients via our mega dry hopping practices. We also don’t filter the polyphenols out of the beer. Why don’t we dry hop less or filter our beer? Well because then we wouldn’t be delivering that excellent flavor and micronutrients straight to your face.

Ultimately we want our beer to look pretty but not at the price of losing any of our signature full flavored hoppy goodness.

 Most hops are grown using organic practices but usually don’t go the extra step for organic certification.
Your best bet is using our beer finder. If you’re looking for a brand new beer, give the system a couple weeks to catch up.
Shoot an email to [email protected] with samples of your music and we’ll hit you back.
Check out our careers page to see what we’re hiring. That goes for internships too.
We love to help out as much as a we can. We get hit up a lot, though (people love free beer) – so make sure you fit this criteria and then help us be organized by filling out our sponsorship form.
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A tropical approach to the IPA style with notes of papaya, pineapple and passionfruit

SweetWater: Woodlands
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Discover the high end of SweetWater’s brewing portfolio.

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